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REPAIR ISSUE - Please Check Each Box that Applies

Power plug or Fuse holder brokenPower Cord DammagedAntenna Cord DamagedBlows fusesNo audio
Display segments burned out - Target LeftDisplay segments burned out - Target Right
Display segments burned out - Patrol LeftDisplay segments burned out - Patrol Right
Control or test switches brokenRemote control unit malfunctionWill not read tuning forkReads tuning forks / not read target object
Gives erratic readings with no target object in beamDoes not lock when lock mechanism is activated

Short range - Approximate feet

Needs Certification:

Radar UnitTuning Fork (s)

Other Issue or Remarks

For fastest service it is recommended that you send in the entire unit. (counting unit, antenna, remote and antenna cables.)

* We do not provide estimates for repair work totaling less than $100.

Call or Email Estimate if Cost of Repair is over $

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